DURSTEEL Mn - Manganese Steel

Dursteel Mn is a manganese steel, austenitic and non-magnetic. It is characterised by high tenacity and excellent weldability.
When facing mechanical stresses, Dursteel Mn’s surface hardens and becomes resistant to wear and deforming.
When impacted or facing high pressure, the surface (1 to 3 mm deep) hardens up to 540 HB, whereas the core structure keeps original hardness at 200HB (mechanical energy changes the surface’s (initial delivery state) austenistic structure into martensitic carbides).
Dursteel Mn is therefore particularly adapted to severe wear conditions combined with impact or pressure conditions.

It must not be used as wear resistant steel if the energy from the mechanical stress is not sufficient to induce hardening. Please contact us.

Applications Types :
Round bars: Security grills, Screen grills, Grizzly bars
Plates: Rails for bridges and cranes, Crusher blades, Sliding plates for skips and chain conveyors.
Sheets and cut pièces for: Crushing hammers, Sand-blasting cabin protection, Impact steel sheets, Screen plates, Hammering Tools, Safe and locks armour plates, armoured vehicules.

Equivalences :
- Z120M12 -  X120Mn12 -  W-nr 1.3401 – XG120Mn12;

Chemical composition       





Mechanical characteristics

Hardness on delivery

Re N/mm² on delivery

Rm N/mm² on delivery

A% on delivery

Hardness after efficient strain hardening

> 200HB




490-540 HB


(*) Approximate values may fluctuate according to geometry

Dursteel Mn is difficult to drill. 12% cobalt or corbids tools are necessary. The feed rate must be sufficient in order to remove the work-hardened zone at every spin. Sharpness must be regularly checked.

NB: Sleek holes with diameter equal to sheet thickness can be made by plasma cutting. Please contact us.

Dursteel Mn can be easily welded on mild steel bases.
Welding metals:
- Safixox R312 electrods or equivalent
- Nertalic 51 solid wires or equivalent

Dursteel Mn can be repaired of overlaid using material with similar chemical composition.
Overlay material: 
- Safuni Manga électrodes or equivalent