Duraplate : composite wear plate

Stringer beads
Homogeneity of the deposit, Regular appearance
High metallurgical quality

Duraplate is the reference brand for composite wear plates. The Duraplate life cycle can be over ten times longer than that of traditional abrasion resistant steels. It is an optimum way to protect equipments subject to extreme wear conditions while spacing out maintenance operations.

Duraplate comprise a base plate of construction steel and a wear resistant coating applied by arc welding in order to offer exceptional resistance to abrasive wear.
This coating is made with cored wires specially developped by Welding Alloys.

It is a true composite plate, weldable, suitable for forming, corrosion and pressure resistant. Most wear issues can be addressed by adjusting the chemical composition of each overlay and by combinating thicknesses of the two constituents. The wear resistant coating is manufactured on large size plates, according to ISO 9001 certified procedures that guarantee homogenous and high volumes of carbides.

Stringer beads applied by arc welding  entail homogeneity of the deposit (fine carbides), regular thickness, smaller  and smoother cracks and low dilution in the base plate.

Grades designed for each wear phenomenon

 Duraplate D31T :

Wear by material sliding and moderate impact.
Temperature up to 300°C


Duraplate D38T :

Wear by material sliding and strong impact.
Temperature up to 300°C



Duraplate D34T

Wear by fine particles at high speed
Temperature up to 300°C

Duraplate D45T :

Wear by material sliding
Temperature > 600°C

Chemical composition and hardness

Grade D31T D34T "HARDlite" D38T D45T
Chemical composition type 
of coating
Chromium carbides
Excellent wear resistance
Optimum solution for most applications
Fine structure with high volumes of chromium carbides
High wear resistance
Titanium carbides finely dispersed within a tool steel type matrix
Ideal solution for areas subject to a combination of abrasion, pressure and impacts

Complex carbides

Very high wear resistance

Keeps its characteristics up to 600°C
Matrix Rockwell C hardness 60 - 6262 - 64  52 - 5562 - 64
Base plate  The base plates used for the manufacturing of Duraplate are in S235 steel. Other possible grades : wear resistant plate, stainless steel, heat resistant steel...
The D45 steel is manufactured on request with specification of the base plate grade.

Stock program

Grade D31T D34T D38T D45T
Thickness (mm) 3+3 / 4+2 5+3 / 6+4
8+5 / 10
2+2 8+4 / 10+4 
On request
Size (mm) 2900 x 1400 2900 x 1900 1950 x 950 2900 x 1900


The exceptional quality of the Duraplate wear plate makes it suitable for cold forming, according to specifications that depend on the coating thickness. When the plate is heated up to over 1200°C, it can be hot stamped and it retains features unchanged.


All classical welding procedures can be applied to Duraplate. The coating can be repaired or completed with Durcor electrodes or wires (same composition than the filling metals).