Abrasion resistant rubber

DURGUM noise reduction abrasion resistant rubbers

Turns the sound down

The Durgum range includes 3 product versions to adress abrasion issues in mining industries. Durgum reduces noise related to industrial activities.

Durgum 650

This product is recommended to face thin aggressive tangential particles in wet environment. Its elasticity and sliding features reduce clogging.

Density 1.10
Shore hardness 45
Maximum service temperature(°C) 80
Abrasion index complying with DIN 53516 (mm³) 130


It is efficient regarding highly abrasive crushed materials and demanding zones such as:

  • High falling heads
  • Large grain sizes
Density 1.12
Shore hardness 65
Maximum service temperature (°C) 80
Abrasion index complying with DIN 53516 (mm³) 90


Advisable to make savings, Durgum 550 is recommended for curved materials or low abrasion and non-demanding zones such as: weak flows, high fine rates, intermittent use.

Wear resistance features

Made from natural or artifical rubbers and specific minerals, Durgum rubbers feature high elasticity and weak abrasion indexes.

Noise reduction / absorbing effect

Durgum’s absorbing effect reduces impact noises and vibrations, which helps maintaining acceptable levels in periurban areas.
In hoppers and chutes, cushioning prevents undesired fines forming and maintains initial grain sizes.
Durgum’s absorbing effect is used in the Algum product. Indeed, Algum is a ceramic part, vulcanised on rubber or rubber + steel.

Density 1.20
Shore hardness 65
Maximum service temperature (°C) 80
Abrasion index complying with DIN 53516 (mm³) 130


Durgum can be used for coating or manufacturing of:

  • Chutes
  • Silos
  • Blast-machines
  • Silt storage
  • Sieves net
  • Waterproofness skirtboard
  • Impact bars
  • Band conveyor end chute
  • Vibrating feeders
  • Skips
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Snowplough blades
  • Scrapers
  • Dumper buckets
  • Primary or secondary hoppers
  • Crushers

Processing and fixing 

Durgum wear resistant rubbers have different shields, layers and stands to make processing easier.


Sticking side rubber

DURGUM RT Textile-doubled rubber

Rubber vulcanized on profile or aluminium plate


Rubber vulcanized on profile of steel plate

With a density 7 to 8 time lower than steel, Durgum reduces facilities structure wear and enables easy set-up of shielding.

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